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JOKE: Veeam Client Error Banks pool is suspended

by Michele Brusoni on

UPDATE: Here You can find a possible solution: BigBrus Corner – Veeam Client Error Banks Pool is Suspended

Ok, this is not a solution but I have to share it. Me and a colleague of mine laughed as we never laughed before.

I had this problem on Veeam, a replica failed with this error: “Client error: Banks pool is suspended.”.
Well, what would you do? Search the error on Google! Here is the screenshot of my search:

First link helped to a point, so without thinking, rather depressed, complaining about life, calling mom, and similar, I opened the second link, with my colleague on my side watching and assisting me.

This is what I found on that link (by the way, this link):

And then we simply started to laugh till we cried XD
It’s not a solution, but for me it was so hilariuos I had to share with everybody XD

If I ever find a solution to this problem I will write it here, for the moment, I hope to have made you laugh!