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Internet Cable Under The Ocean

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This is an amazing animation showing how manyinternet cables (mostly fiber) are there in the oceans – and where are they. In fact internet distribution network is an amazing topic, even if rather complex. Now I won’t talk about this; maybe sometimes I’ll write something.

In the meantime, enjoy this video:

Just so you know, this is how large a cable is. It can carry several tens of terabits per second.

Diver with oceanic internet cable.

Monicelli Programming Language

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This post is in english, but this programming language can be best enjoyed by Italians.

I cannot present well enough the Monicelli language. I will use their own words on their GitHub page (Monicelli – GitHub):

[blockquote align=left]Monicelli is an esoterical programming language based on the so-called “supercazzole” from the movie Amici Miei, a masterpiece of the Italian comedy.

There is no way to translate a “supercazzola” to English, so if you don’t speak Italian, I’m afraid you won’t understand. I’m really sorry for you 🙂


Basically, they used various phrases from movie “Amici Miei” (the so-called “supercazzole”) as functions and operators. So, to inizialize a variable, you have to write something like:

Which in pseudocode can translate like this:

In fact this programming language has all main operators (including binary shift, which is “con scappellamento a destra/sinistra”), loops, conditions and functions, so it can be really used to create programs. It can be difficult to read, but an italian will laugh his ass off 😉

On their GitHub page there are some examples, like this Fibonacci Sequence:

Well, I really enjoyed this XD

Again, look at their page, it explains much more: Monicelli – GitHub

To close this post, here it is a brief extract from “Amici Miei”. Enjoy!

[kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU-QZ7yoyd4″ ]