GPG Error: Clearsigned file isn’t valid, got “NODATA”

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This is a simple error I got when I tried to run  apt-get update :

Searching the internet for how to solve this problem, I found out a lot of references regarding proxies – which could not be, I was in my home, I had no proxy and other virtual machines were running and updating without any problem. After some more digging (and after a more accurate reading of the the error), I started suspecting something went corrupt – I don’t know how – with the entire gpg key database of apt.

I tried to test it, removing one at the time all rows on /etc/apt/sources.list – and for every one of them the error was the same.


I found the answer that worked for me here – AskUbuntu – Can’t update my system due to GPG error . Below is the code:

  • apt-get clean removes all files downloaded by apt . When you install a package, apt download all necessary files and put them in a local archive and then installs it. The directory is /var/cache/apt/archives/ . The cleaning in this case is simply to start anew
  • mv is for the same reason as above, to get a clean environment and to force a new download of all lists from the repositories
  • mkdir recreates the moved directory
  • apt-get update is the command that gave the error that started this post 🙂


According to this link:  AskUbuntu – Got NODATA issue: ‘NODATA’ (does the network require authentication?) the error could be caused by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) placing a proxy, maybe a transparent one (Maxcdn – Transparent proxy) in front of your connection. I have to dig deeper on this topic, if this is effectively the reason on this error.

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Thumbs up! After an hour of searching online, your is the only one that work for me! Same error during sudo apt-get update or sudo apt-get install arduino. Using Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi 3. Hope it’ll helps someone too.


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